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It's a.k.a Stewardess Mask, Lifetime Mask in Korea!

You may think that it looks like an usual sheet mask, how good it will be? but you will be amazed by this product. It's the one and only one sheet mask that I am using for the last 18 months. You will be amazed after single used. I am very certain that you won't be satisfied with any other sheet mask after you try this.

Derm-All Matrix Mask pack is all you need, you won't need any other sheet masks after you use this.

In Korea, to maintain the perfect skin, people are using sheet masks everyday. But it is quite difficult isn't it? When you use Derm-All Matrix mask once every 2-3 days, you will see even better effects. It's really the lifetime sheet mask that I want to introduce to everyone. 

It was not easy to get partnership with this brand. They are proven in everywhere, you can see them in pharmacy, duty free, department stores. We are the only certified official partner of Derm-All Matrix mask in Singapore. There are only 6 official sellers in Korea. Only certified seller can sell this products!


It's USA OTC FDA Certified! World-wide proven results. 

You have seen many of products passed FDA certified. but do you know that actually FDA certification is not enough? FDA is for cosmetic, OTC is for medical effect proven. 

Let's not be misled by the exaggerated advertisement!

Products with OTC certification have proven safety, shown significant improvement effect and passes all stringent tests to be considered as medical supplies.

Derm-All Matrix Mask is OTC certified based on Whitening, tightening, improvement in skin complexion and wrinkle reduction. 


What is so special of Derm-All Matrix Mask? 

You must take it off a normal sheet mask after 15-30 minutes and the results are just temporary. But Derm-All Matrix Mask is like a sleeping mask, you can just put on your face for whole night, you will be wow-ed the next morning as the skin feels like mochi!  It's so moisturized and tightened. You will feel the difference the whole day! Your make-up is also going to be so well finished.

Derm-All Matrix Mask is made of ECM matrix, More premium and higher material quality than Hydro-gel. Other fabric sheet mask certainly can't be compare with Derm-All Matrix Mask. ECM is 99% similar to our skin. This has been used for treating burn-scars and artificial skin treatment. It will be absorbed by the skin to moisturize and provide nutrients.

Derm-All Matrix Mask is made with ECM and vegetable extract. No worries of allergies. Perfectly safe for Pregnant lady and kids too.

When time passes, you can see the mask becoming transparent. This is because all the effective nutrients are absorbed by the skin. Do you know another amazing effect of this mask? If you leave it on the whole night, you can see keratin and sebum being removed by this mask the next day.

[BACKORDER] [2nd RESTOCK] DERM-ALL MATRIX MASK (Stewardess Mask Lifetime Mask!)

 How long can 1box last? 

  • 1 box contains 4 sheets last for 1 week.
  • 4 boxes contains 16 sheets, last for 1 month.
  • 8 boxes contains 32 sheets, last for 2 months. 




Deep cleansing, detoxifying mask. This gel mask sheet containing natural ingredients make your skin clean and luminous.

Epidermal detoxifying mask sheet has excellent absorption and adhesion, to cleanse the skin surface and brightens your face. It adsorbs the air pollutants, sebum, make-up residuals and dead skin on the skin.

You will feel immediate whitening with detoxed skin.

This detox mask is to be used weekly to maintain a fair luminous skin.

 [BACKORDER] [2nd RESTOCK] DERM-ALL MATRIX MASK (Stewardess Mask Lifetime Mask!)

Epidermal Detoxifying mask works in synergy with Derm-all Matrix.

  • Apply the detox mask before using Derm-all Matrix.
  • Alternatively you can use Epidermal mask in the morning and use Derm-all matrix before bed.

Our Derm-all matrix mask was super loved during the first introduction. We have sold more than 1,500 sets during 1st pre-order. This brand worked wonders and have received plenty of feedback. If it's not good, I won't even want to introduce this detox mask and disappoint you.

You will know why this detox mask is the best after experiencing it once!

How to use the detox mask?

  1. Washing the face with your usual cleanser,
  2. Press hard at the middle of the pack with both hands to allow the essence to flow into the mask sheet.
  3. Wait 1 to 2 minutes for the mask sheet to fully absorb the essence and turn into gel
  4. Attach the gel mask sheet on your face and remove the mesh support. Let the mask rest for 30 minutes
  5. Remove the gel mask sheet after 30 minutes.
  6. Wash face with lukewarm water, dry the face and apply toner (optional).
  7. Apply Derm-all matrix mask overnight.
  8. Repeat weekly.


     How long can 1box last? 

    • 1 box contains 4 sheets last for 1 month.
    • 2 boxes contains 8 sheets, last for 2 months.


    Special deals are only available during Pre-order period!

    Check out the normal price in Korea. We are the only seller in Singapore that could offer at this price. Trust me, use it for one month. You won't need any other complicated skin care regime anymore.

    Derm-All Matrix Mask (Stewardess Mask Lifetime Mask!)


    Customer Reviews

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    Detoxifying mask

    Bought 2 boxes, 1st trial didnt get the liquid to soak the bottom mask totally hence didnt get a perfect gel mask, some parts were left as paper mask. Face is instantly brighten though after leaving the mask on for 15 min


    This mask is very convenient to use and reminds me of jelly. Be really careful when applying as it may tear if you are rough with it. I woke up to a very clear transparent mask compared to an opaque mask that I left on the night before. And I see many impurities on it in the morning. As for how my face looks in the morning , I don’t feel that there’s a lot of difference but maybe I need to use more to experience the difference. As Long it’s working on my skin, I am happy.


    Epidermal detoxifying mask sheet works well to prep the skin for the Derm-All Matrix Mask.


    Face looks brighter and feels supple the next morning!


    Derm-all mask is awesome! It's really the feeling that the skin is hydrated into deep skin not just on surface only. My hubby says detox mask is very interesting as it immediately brightens his skin after use.


    My friend and I love this mask so much! Can feel the skin fully moisturized the next morning. It's not like just essence on surface, it's reallt full hydration from deep inside. Highly recomend everyone to try!






    Best mask ive used! Hydrating effect lasts a long time and also like that the sebum and whiteheads gets extracted too.


    Kate included this in journey365 consumer tester package and I only tried it yesterday. Checked the website and it's already out of stock. I will definitely purchase this when the next pre order opens. Anyway, this mask is super good, I left the mask for about 2 hours, some parts really turned transparent. Also, upon removal of the mask, I could see some whiteheads and small blackheads attached to the mask. I could feel that my face was left more hydrated and less oily. I have never achieved this effect from other sheet mask. Highly recommended.