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Let's Be Light! Be Healthy! Be Beautiful!

Now we can wear all the pretty clothes that we want, be confident! be happy!
It's so difficult to lose and maintain weight after aging.
I have been trying many diet products and it's not easy to find a good balance for healthy, delicious yet effective product
I am so glad to find AMME Diet Course and it's hot selling item in Instagram across Korea right now!.  AMME Diet Course is also the best loved product in LOHB in Korea. (LOHB is beauty shops like Watsons and Guardian in Korea) If it's not effective, how would it be so popular?

AMME DIET COURSE comes with 3 different items; Light & Easy Meal, Jelly Cut and Light & Easy Bar.

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[Light & Easy Meal] 

What is Light & Easy Meal?

Light & Easy meal is designed to replace meal. Aids weight control.
Specially formulated to provide all the nutrition you need in one meal.

Why is it so special?

  • First of all, it's so tasty! You don't have to take disgusting diet food anymore!! It's made with 19 different type of cereals. it's very savory and nutty taste.
  • It's certified by weight control food by Korean government. Light & Easy Meal is certified by KFDS. (Korean government authority only give this certification when the replacement meal has sufficient nutrition to replace one meal)
  • It's portable! You can bring this easily for your busy day.
  • Fully filled with multi vitamins & Minerals, it's sufficient enough to replace your meal with the abundance nutrition.

How to consume?

  • Pour 180-200 ml of Milk or Water (But I recommend to take with Milk because it's more tasty!) in the pack. 
  • Secure the zip-lock and shake it to mix it well.
  • Enjoy with a straw straight form the packet. it's so easy.

How many packs are in 1 box?

1 box include 15 packs of Light and Easy Meal.
We recommend to get at least 4 boxes. 2 boxes for intensive weight control course and 2 boxes for weight maintenance course.


[Jelly Cut] 

What is Jelly Cut?

Jelly Cut helps to remove the excess Carbohydrate which would have been composited as body fat.

Why do we need Jelly Cut?

Our staple is rice, bread, noodle, which are all carbohydrates! Jelly Cut could help you to remove the excess Carbohydrate. With Jelly Cut, you are free to consume your favorite food without worrying about the body fats!
Jelly Cut includes Collagen, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid which are essential to aid in better complexion!

How to take?

  • You can consume 2 Jelly Cuts in one day. 
  • 30 minutes before and/or after meal (depends on the type of course)
  • Bite well and enjoy the taste!
I personally recommend you to take Jelly Cut 30 minutes before your meal. because it fills up your tummy so you consume lesser.

How many sticks are in 1 box?

1 Box includes 30 sticks of Jelly Cut
We recommend to get at least 3 boxes. 1 box for intensive weight control course and 2 boxes for weight maintenance course.

[Light & Easy Bar] 

What is Light & Easy Bar?

Your healthier and lighter choice for snack. When you are on intensive diet, you can consume it as one meal replacement per day. It's good to be consumed before your exercise as it's full of protein.

How much of Protein contains?

One Light & Easy bar contains 9g of protein per serving, equivalent to 17% of adult’s recommended daily intake. It's has higher protein contents than beef, egg and Milk.

What are the main ingredients?

  • Crispy peanut
  • Hyaluronic acid(for your skin hydration)
  • High Protein from low fat skim milk
  • Healthy jujube
  • Savoury Almond
  • Fibers (to regulate your bowel)

What is the recommend course?

When you want Intensive weight control: 2 Light & Easy Meals, 2 Jelly cut per 1 day.

Replace your breakfast and dinner with Light & Easy Meal.(You can consume Easy bar when you are hungry or you can replace one meal with Easy bar [like Light & Easy Meal]).
You can still enjoy your usual lunch and consume a Jelly cut before and after lunch. 
Be Light Be Beautiful! Amme Diet Course

When you want to maintain your weight after your diet: 1 Light & Easy Meal, 2 Jelly cut per 1 day. 

Enjoy your usual breakfast and lunch and consume a Jelly cut before or after meal. Replace your dinner with Light & Easy Meal. 
(You can consume Easy bar as snack or replacement of your dinner).

Be Light Be Beautiful! Amme Diet Course
It is highly recommended for everyone to start with an Intensive weight control course and follow by a weight maintenance course.
Remember to check our 8 lucky trial users about their journey(Intensive Course) in the product details :)
Be Light Be Beautiful! AMME DIET COURSE

Amazing price during Pre-order period! 

Do check out the selling price in Korea. It's super hot deal during Pre-order :) 20% to 32% OFF 

  • Intensive course(15 days) includes 2 EASY MEAL(30 packets) + 1 JELLY CUT(30 sticks)
  • Maintenance course(30 days) includes 2 EASY MEAL(30 packets) + 2 JELLY CUT(60 sticks)
  • Intensive + Maintenance course(45 days) includes 4 EASY MEAL(60 packs) + 3 JELLY CUT(90 sticks)






Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Tasty breakfast!

How can diet meal be so tasty? It's so savory! Purchased intensive course for a quick diet before my wedding photo shoot. Only 115kcal but still able to feel full. Waiting for restock to get one more intensive and maintenance course!

My best friend!

Have been taking Jelly cut since it was launched. It helped to ease my constipation and I can feel my appetite is more controlled after taking this. I didn't do special exercise or special diet but now 3kg lighter than before . Its so ago to feel light and easy! Now I can wear more clothes confidently.


Managed to shed some weight! Tasty and easy to comsume. Looking forward for restock.


Just started my journey. Easy meal is really so yummy! Even my little one loves it so much although he is very picky for other food. Could feel that my tummy is smaller. Can't wait to complete the full course.


It's too yummy to be a diet food. Especially easy meal is two thumbs up! I have shed some weight somehow, I guess its the combination effect of easy meal and Jelly cut!


Love this product so much. Didn't manage to take a before photo, but I jot down my daily weight. Total I manage to drop 4kg with some exercise. Had already made omy 2nd pre-order. Looking forward to drop below 60kg.


It seems to be working well as I have lost almost 2 kg within a month. Couldn't believe my own eyes. Please restock asap, wish to get more!


It's really too delicious! I finished my 15 days intensive course. Lost 3kg and so regret that never buy the maintenance course. Waiting for restock now.


Restock please...... I need it more.....


Enjoyed taking easy meals since it's so delicious, not suffering or enduring like other diet products