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Super comfy and nice cut

The material is great for our weather and it is so comfortable. Black is so easy to match and do not need much ironing.

Too translucent

Too is too translucent to wear on it's own. Disappointing purchase

Hi, dear :) Thank you for purchasing from K therapy. We understand that the thing about Ivory colour blouse is always transparency concern :( You can try matching with inner lining or nude coloured tone inner to reduce transparency. Thank you!
Iroutine Regen

Bought this to try after reading good reviews.
May need more than 1 set to see very significant results as one side of my face have more enlarged pores.

Hi, dear :) So sorry to hear that we disappoint you because we were out of stock. We will definitely update share with you once the item is restocked. Thank you.

Good workmanship. Very pretty. Wear on its own or as a jacket

Well fitted

Ordered the black, find it quite a good fit despite it being free size

Very pretty dress

I really liked it! Looks formal enough for work/ dinner and very classy

Detoxifying mask

Bought 2 boxes, 1st trial didnt get the liquid to soak the bottom mask totally hence didnt get a perfect gel mask, some parts were left as paper mask. Face is instantly brighten though after leaving the mask on for 15 min

Quick hair fix

Hair felt smoother immediately after wash off. Love the zero waiting time!

Love it

My sister took one of my, after she tried it on the first time. It's indeed fast effect.

Awesome hair balm

I was really surprised by the awesome effect of the hair balm! It was almost immediate - the day I started using it, my hair didn't even tangle a single bit when it usually tangles on a daily basis. It's an amazing product that I would definitely purchase again.

Super duper love!

My hair is so silky immediately. Have never seen such effective hair treatment before. So impressed!

Shiny hair in 1 wash

Was lucky to be able to be selected for consumer tester event where i could try this out. Ended up buying another 2 bottles because this is so good! Love that its quick to use and results are immediate. My frizzy hair was tamed in just a single quick wash. Quantity used each time was also just a small amount to be able to experience the effect. Would recommend this for all busy mamas who needs a quick hair fix at an affordable price.

Must have item for silky hair

It's not easy to maintain long hair without treatment. It's easy to use and the effect is very quick. My hair is super soft hair after rinsing. Hope to see my hair becoming healtheir after using for longer period.

Great material

V pretty and material is great and thick enough to wear in aircon places

Very comfortable

Am 165cm, 53kg. Have wide hips. Bought L and it fits very comfortably at waist and hip area. Too much fabric at calf and ankle area though. :)

Great product. Effective

Shampoo is so thick. A bottle like this will last a long time.

The shampoo smells alot like the Lamuse Slim Effector. I think its because of the menthol smell but it's not overpowering. The minty feeling feels good and the shampoo is so thick. I usually wash my hair twice. First time doesn't lather as well but gets rid of most the dirt. The second time lathers better and I'll keep it on for a few minutes befire rinsing off. After wash off, the hair feels so smooth. I think its really up to you whther you wanna use conditioner or not. Gonna try it longer to see how it improves the hair fall.

Great hair loss shampoo! Highly recommended.

I have oily sensitive scalp that tends to get flaky at times. On top of this, I also have hair loss problem. I have tried many expensive branded shampoo in the market, but this one so far is great! I could go up to 3 days before I have to shampoo my hair again. Previously, I would have to wash my hair every day. Otherwise, my hair will look limp, oily and yucky. Haha. This shampoo makes my scalp feel so clean and refreshed after washing. My hair is kind of dry, so I still need to use conditioner afterwards. One more thing, this shampoo adds volume to my hair. Overall, I am very happy with this shampoo and will definitely stock up when PO opens again.

Tasty breakfast!

How can diet meal be so tasty? It's so savory! Purchased intensive course for a quick diet before my wedding photo shoot. Only 115kcal but still able to feel full. Waiting for restock to get one more intensive and maintenance course!

Highly recommended

First time purchase and it was a pleasant. My scalp is very clean and refreshing after use. Hair feels light and soft. Love the minty feeling. Realised that there is also less tangling during wash compared to other shampoo. I will recomend to my friends! Thank you!

Best Hairloss Shampoo indeed!

I have been using many different hairloss shampoo post partum but non of it helped. I am quite impressed with this shampoo. The drainage was always filled with my hair even after 1 wash. After using for 3 days, the accumulated fallen hair is less than the previous single hair wash. Impressed to see the results everyday! The shampoo is quite thick and concentrated. Feels super good after wash and hair is relatively softer even without conditioner.


After using The Black shampoo for 3 days, my hair drop is reduced tremendously! It was always a mess with fallen hair while drying. Even my husband felt the difference. It's so sad that I didn't know this shampoo till now. It's very concentrated liquid. Only need less than 1 pump for my hair. Minty cooling feeling and refreshes me everytime I use it. Highly recommended for everyone!

My best friend!

Have been taking Jelly cut since it was launched. It helped to ease my constipation and I can feel my appetite is more controlled after taking this. I didn't do special exercise or special diet but now 3kg lighter than before . Its so ago to feel light and easy! Now I can wear more clothes confidently.

Love it!

My hair has much more volume after wash. Tried other korean hair boosting shampoo and honestly The Black simply beats the rest! It's thicker and more foamy. The minty feel is really shiok! Feels like the scalp is super clean! I will recomend to all my friends!