All products displayed in our store are from Korea.
In our fashion segment, we have pre-order on every Thursdays to introduce new and latest items to you.
The waiting time for items to deliver generally take 3 – 4 weeks after upon receipt of your order.
After pre-order period, we will update the stocks in the store and the ready stocks will only take 2-3 working days to deliver.
We do not offer any discount for first time purchase as our price is transparent there is no additional unfair mark-ups unlike other stores.
However, we do offer a loyalty reward program, which is our humble way to thank you for believing in our products and services.
You could redeem store value for the accumulated store coins for subsequent purchases. Please find more details of our loyalty program here.
Don’t worry about first purchase on our apparel items. You may exchange/return the items if it didn’t fit you well (it’s better than staying in your closet =D)
There is no self-collection from our store. Please contact us to find out the fastest possible delivery arrangements, we will try our best to have your items delivered.
For kid apparel, the products are all certified by Korea Government for safety reasons.
Korea has recently introduced new law to regulate the children apparel industry. This move is to safeguard all Mummy and Children on the product safety.
There are too many imitation products around which only focus to copy the design but uses fabric of unknown sources that are harmful for skin and health.
If you have any other queries to use our website, feel free to contact us here.

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