About Ktherapy

Retail therapy is what every lady needs to pamper or reward oneself. At Ktherapy, ladies now can enjoy retail therapy with access to Korean trusted products. 
Ktherapy is a Fashion & Lifestyle brand established in Singapore.
Founder Kate is filled with passion to introduce Fashion & Lifestyle products from Korea with honest price and premium quality.
With a customer-centric service over the last 2 years, we have been growing our brand loyalty and presence in the market as well as being the trustworthy retailer for your access to Korea products.
We started our operations in 2016 with Baby & Kids apparel and expanded to Lady & Twinning fashion (Formerly known as Oh! My Baby).
In 2018, we created Ktherapy brand and further expands our portfolio into Fashion & Lifestyle.
The items you see in Ktherapy are carefully curated by the team.
We strive and be our best to bring quality products that you could trust.
If you are new to our Ktherapy, please check out more details about our website here.

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General enquiry: Hello@Ktherapy.sg   
About Ktherapy