[5th BACKORDER] THE RED - #1 Real enzyme

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Introducing jumbo pack for #1 Real enzyme THE RED!
We are already on our 5th backorder. We beat the sales record in every order. 
THE RED enzyme is more loved compared to other brands. It's the highest enzyme power which we are so confident to compare with other enzyme brands. a-Amylase(55,000 U/g) and Protease(400.00 U/g)
Stop taking enzyme without real enzyme power!
Jumbo pack contains 200 sachets. It's additional 50 sachets more than our previous bundle pack. 
 Jumbo pack only available during back-order.
This is no doubt the best enzyme product from Korea! 

After many trial and testing of many famous branded enzymes myself, I have full confidence for THE RED as it achieved the best result!

  THE RED has the highest a-Amylase(55,000 U/g) and Protease(400.00 U/g) power and it's significantly higher compared with other brands.

Here are few things that I experienced after taking enzyme.

1. Improvement of digestion. There is no feeling of bloated after meal.
2. No constipation and feeling light everyday after waking up.  
3. I always catch a cold easily due to the constant air-con environment. After taking this, I really felt the difference and less pain during menstruation period. It was really amazing!

Why THE RED is so special? Is it really different with other brands?

The most important thing you must check when you choose enzyme is the concentration of a-Amylase and ProteaseMost of brands even do not write these. Do compare with others. THE RED has the highest a-Amylase(55,000 U/g) and Protease(400.00 U/g) power and it's significantly higher compared with other brands.
It's tasty! Most of enzyme can't be consumed directly. You may need to mix with yogurt or salad. THE RED enzyme is so tasty that you can just pour in your mouth and consume.
It also contains Minerals and Vitamins. We are so confident with the ingredients used and effect!
THE RED is perfectly safe for all generation! Pregnant lady, breast feeding lady, including kids and even puppy! 

  How to take THE RED?

1-2 times per day after meals (1 box contains 30 sachets)
Consumer directly or mix with water or drink
Enzyme is not diet product, but without enzyme your diet will be failed.
Enzyme won't make you feel any difference if you only consume a few days. But on the long run, you will see how your body begin to change and I am very sure you will run short of your enzyme supply of because you will start sharing with your family, mum, those who you love. 
It helps to reduce constipation and improves digestion for your diet.
After I tried all famous enzymes available, this is the best of best!
Let me show you the effect! I did a few test to show you how powerful THE RED enzyme is it compared to other brand enzyme!
Witness the results yourself!


Customer Reviews

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This is already my 3rd order. Good deal, so faster grab!


Repeat order.
Have been taking since May.
It really works wonders.
My constipation issues resolved. Highly recommended!


Never leave home without a sachet in your bag. A wonderful companion to have after heavy meals or buffets....


This enzyme is really good. Love the taste unlike others. Help me to regulate my bowels too.


I love the taste of this enzyme, especially compared to another brand. You can definitely take this on its own (swallow the powder directly) without the need to mix with anything else. Taste is very "cereal-like" and there is a slight sour aftertaste, likely because of the pomegranate. Only downside is that the powder is very fine, and when you pour down your throat, you might feel a little 'scratchy' because it's too fine and it sticks.


I am getting nervous as my last box of enzyme is going to finish soon. Waiting for the nex restock.


It's my 3rd time to replenish my enzyme supply. Easy to take. It's so easy to comsume and swallow. Furthermore taste is great. I tried many enzymes from Qoo10 and other Korean brands. This is indeed working best for me.


Red enzyme is really powerful and it tastes great just itself. Don't need to mix with any other food to hide the taste. Lost 1.5kg within a month after take enzyme. It regulates my bowl movement well. Will surely purchase it again.


Here is my review of the red enzyme. I have been having
Constipation problem for a long time. My bowel movements have
Improved significantly eversince I took the red enzyme. The best part is, it works without the diarrhoea feeling.


Marvellous products!
Loving it so much, i Takes Everyday, love the taste. Thumb Up...!!